Putting a dollar figure to the ol’ fashioned question – how do I know where to place my bet?, a good sportsbook will tell you how to do it. This is particularly important if you’re a novice betor looking for a stout betting platform. This is especially the case if you’re betting on a major sport such as football or basketball. The site might not have your back, but it will tell you where to place your bets.

The best sportsbook sites will give you the perks of a true bettor, albeit a virtual one. For instance, a first time bettor will receive a risk free $1,000 bet. If the python troll isn’t your cup of tea, the site’s robust customer service team can help you with anything from deposit and withdrawal questions to the nitty gritty of your account balance. They’ll even show you the ropes if you have a blunder. The site is also a jack of all trades in the betting department.

While you’re checking out the site’s features, make sure to take advantage of the site’s promotions page. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty. Some of the more interesting offers include a freebie in the form of a high roller package containing several tickets to a Las Vegas casino.